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Receive an Overseas Payment

Better global access

Use our reliable and cost effective incoming international payment service.

Whether you’re receiving regular or one-off foreign currency payments to your Australian bank account, our Inward Payments Service powered by Western Union Business Solutions may be the timely and cost-effective solution for you.

When you’re bringing money across from another country, transaction charges from the banks can take a significant amount of your payment and can take time.

The benefits of using our Inwards Payments Service include:

  • Reduced fees for you as you are not charged a beneficiary deduct fee, so receive the full amount of your incoming payment1
  • Savings for the sender as the transfer is treated as a local transaction*
  • Peace of mind knowing their payments are being handled by foreign exchange specialists with reliable systems ready to deliver your payment in a timely manner and you can usually expect funds in your account within two business days2
  • Better access with a wide range of currencies available3

Receive money from overseas

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