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Options to Pay Bills

Nothing is better than having your bills under control. That’s why we provide the technology and options that give you the security of knowing your bills are paid on time and from the right account. All those bills just have to be paid.
Read our Top Tips for Better Bill Paying below.

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Top Tips for Better Bill Paying…

1. Prepaying bills.

A number of communication and energy companies offer a credit off the amount if you pay their bill before the due date.

2. Set up a direct debit.

The majority of billers give you the option of the amount being debited directly from your chosen account. Debit cards are a great way to pay bills. They’re convenient and because it’s a debit card it means you only ever use your own money. Learn more about the Police Credit Union Visa Debit Card.

3. BPAY®.

BPAY is a convenient and flexible service that links Police Credit Union members to a centralised bill payment network. BPAY lets you use money in your account to pay bills any time of the day or night, over the phone or online. There are now over 14,000 bills that accept BPAY payments. Visit the BPAY website to find out if your biller accepts payment via BPAY. Learn more about BPAY.

4. Emailed bills.

You’re saving paper. You’re effectively reminded that a bill is due. And it’s right there in your email list, and not under a fridge magnet.

5. Paying with a Credit Card.

A Police Credit Union extralite credit card allows you to pay bills using a credit card. With a very low rate of on-going annual interest it’s great value for purchases and cash advances. Paying bills with you credit card over the phone can be free or sometimes incur a small fee. However, it’s a lot cheaper than late fees charged for overdue bills. Learn more about the Police Credit Union extralite credit card.

6. Internet Banking.

Internet banking is almost like having a bank branch at home. You can pay bills and do most of your other daily banking needs from wherever is convenient for you.
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7. IVY Phone Banking.

IVY Phone Banking is an automated telephone system that allows you to access your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It allows you to pay bills through BPAY or perform a number of other banking needs. Once you’re registered, you can access IVY from anywhere around the world! Simply call 1300 247 489 at the cost of a local call or if you’re overseas call +61 8 8208 5690. Learn more about IVY Phone Banking.

8. Allow time to arrive or clear.

If you pay a bill via cheque, make sure you mail the cheque a few days before the due date. This will ensure it arrives on time and gives you peace of mind. And ditto with ‘clearing’ times for some fund transfers.

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