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Retirement Tips

Ahhh, retirement. It’s your time in life to enjoy the lifestyle you’ve been working for. The two big tips we can give you are to plan ahead… and to keep experienced and reliable support right beside you. And there are plenty more retirement tips where those came from.
Read our Top Tips for a Better Retirement below.

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Top Tips for a Better Retirement…

1. Many people are retired for longer than they expected.

If you’ve avoided major illness or accidents you could live into your nineties.

2. Plan for the long term.

What will retirement cost? What have you saved? What do you need to do now?

3. Find balance.

Find a long term balance between income and growth with your nest egg’s investment. A mix of cash, fixed interest, property and shares reduces risks and maintains consistent returns.

4. Rethink that sea or tree change.

Especially if you’re moving away from your family and friends. Try a temporary change of scenery first and see how it feels before making it permanent.

5. Contact us.

Call us on 1300 131 844 or drop into a branch and we’ll help make your retirement better.

Learn more about Retirement Planning
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