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Steps to Buy a Car

Easy! Here are five steps to being better off with your car loan. And it’s more than taking care of organising your loan. We’ll be with you, pre-approving your car loan before you buy, right through to protecting your investment down the track.
Read our Top Tips for Better Car Loans below.

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Top Tips for Better Car Loans…

1. Set your budget.

What are you willing to pay for a car? What can you realistically afford to fund? Have a clear understanding of your finances and know where to set your maximum… keeping in mind you don’t necessarily have to reach your limit. Don’t forget to leave room in the budget for all those extra costs such as insurance and registration.

2. Find your car.

There can be so many choices when it comes to purchasing a car. New or used? Automatic or manual? Do you want a car that is small and economical? Maybe a car that is large and powerful? Or are you purchasing the main family car?

You will need to sit down and have a think about all the different features you want and work out if they can fit within your budget. Check websites like for a better idea of which car you really want, and your price range.

3. Test drive it and ask a mechanic to check it over.

Once you have found the car, make sure you inspect it thoroughly. Peer inside it, open and close every bit of it, check the air conditioner, speaker and horn! But, don’t get too excited… yet. Take it out for a test drive and see what it is like. Remember, you could be driving this car for many years so you want to make sure you are comfortable in it.

Next, seek an expert’s opinion on the car. Ask a mechanic to inspect it so you know it is mechanically sound before driving away in it.

4. How will you pay for it?

Some of us haven’t quite saved enough for the full cost of the car. You might need to get a personal loan to finance all or part of it.

If you’ve got pre-approval or you’re ready to apply for a loan, we’re ready to help. Then, there’s our Better Banking Car Loan Promise. Get your info ready. Apply before 10am. Money by 5pm. Go!

5. Protect it.

Whatever car you choose, where ever you drive it, we can cover you with car insurance. Just tell us what cover you need and we’ll arrange it. Peace of mind doesn’t get much better than that.

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We're here to help you buy a car

Whether you want a fixed or variable loan, we can have you driving around in your new car in no time. Police Credit Union can help make your car buying process even better when you take out a loan with us.