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Steps to Plan a Holiday

These steps will get you closer to your next adventure. We pack in travel insurance, foreign cash access and Multi-currency Cash Passport options. Travel more and worry less is the better way to go, with Police Credit Union.
Read our Top Tips for a Better Holiday below.

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Top Tips for a Better Holiday…

1. Choose your destination.

Everyone deserves a holiday once in a while! Deciding to go on a holiday is the first step… but deciding where to go is next.

Firstly, decide if you want to go somewhere you have been before, or if you would like to be more adventurous and explore a place you have never been. Consider how much time you can take off work, because that might affect where you want to go. Also, don’t forget the time of year you are going and the different seasons.

2. Budget.

Once you have chosen the destination, you need to make a budget. Firstly, work out how much you will need to spend for the accommodation, flights and insurance. But don’t forget to factor in all the other additional costs. Food, tours, transportation, activities and spending money are all extra costs that many people sometimes forget to budget for.

3. Start saving.

Now is the time to save so you can pay for it all. But how do you save? Start by putting small amounts of money away every week. Our Focus Saver account might just be the right account to get you on that plane. Once you get into a routine of saving, you will see the money climb in no time. Alternatively, we can always help you out with a personal loan to help fund the dream holiday. Just ask us how!

4. Shop around.

Before booking your flights and accommodation, make sure you look around for the best deals and prices. If you are booking through a travel agent, make sure you get a price breakdown of all the costs, so you know exactly what you are paying for and not spending more than you have to.

5. Take out Travel Insurance.

Whether you are venturing near or far, one of the most important things to pack on holiday is the peace of mind that comes with travel insurance. Hospital fees, replacement costs and re-scheduling missed flights could easily turn into a very expensive affair, but with the coverage travel insurance provides, you can keep the money in your pocket to spend on your hard earned holiday.

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Learn more about Travel Insurance Get a Quote Now 

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