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Strategies for Property Investment

Yes, we manage savings and investments, but we go one (or two) better than that. We plan for your future… and develop the investment strategies to get you there. If property investment is a path you want to take, we can help you work through the process, whether you are just starting out or have experience in the field. There’s no better way towards your financial goals.
Read our Top Tips for Better Property Investment below.

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Top Tips for Better Property Investment…

1. Ready?

Are you really ready to start building your investment portfolio? That may seem a strange question to ask, but the reality is property markets and tenancy levels go up and down. If you went through a period where you were not receiving any rent for your investment property, could you bridge the financial gap on your investment loan?

Also think about what Accountant you currently work with and check if they have the specialised knowledge required to maximise owning an investment property.

2. Know your plan.

Are you wanting to secure an investment property as a stand alone investment or do you want to build a portfolio of properties? Understanding what you are setting out to achieve influences the level of financial investment you are willing to make.

3. Remove the emotion.

When it comes to purchasing the investment property, don’t buy something that you love. Buy something that has broad appeal and is situated in a great location or area of development. Remember you’re not buying the property for you to live in, you are buying the property to help build a better future.

4. Find the right property manager.

Take the time to find someone who you trust to manage the day to day running of your investment property. Being a Landlord requires very specialised expertise. Seek to find a company, and individual, property manager who you know you can rely on.

5. Be realistic with your budget.

Investing has to start with what is financially viable for you. The best way to get a really solid understanding of where your money is going is to spend time with a Financial Planner here at Police Credit Union.

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