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Earn $1000 for your club!

Your club has been invited to participate in our Club Referral Program! By simply referring Police Credit Union to your club members, family, and friends, you could earn $1000 for your club!

How does the referral program work?

For each settled loan, your club will receive a referral incentive. It’s that easy! Once loans are settled, your club will receive:

  • $200 for each referred home loan
  • $100 for each referred personal/car loan

We will keep a tally of settled loans. Once a club reaches 5 home loans or 10 personal/car loans (or a mixture of both that adds up to $1000) your club will be rewarded with $1000^ cash.

If you would like more information, call our Mt Gambier Branch Manager Mary Clark on 0421 607 040, or the branch on 08 8276 4000.

You can also visit our friendly Mt Gambier branch team at 42 Helen St, Mount Gambier.