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Community Spirit

Branching out with better

We’re all about being ready to help with ‘Better Banking’ within the walls of our many branches and offices, but it doesn't stop there.

Police Credit Union has stepped up when it comes to taking ‘better’ out into our wider community to help make lives more productive and the environment more sustainable too.

Plant the Seed FoundationPlant the Seed Logo

Officially launched on 1 July 2009, Police Credit Union’s Plant the Seed Foundation is committed to playing an active role in the conservation and sustainability of our community and environment.

Plant the Seed Foundation is helping the local communities in which we operate through volunteer programs, sponsorships and donations. Police Credit Union currently contributes over $350,000 per annum to organisations, events and activities across SA and NT.

You can see who we support on our Community Support page.

Sponsorship decisions are taken with full regard to the interests of the broader community within which our Members reside. To submit a sponsorship request, please email our marketing team at [email protected].

Our green initiatives can help your green initiatives

As part of Police Credit Union’s pledge to conduct ourselves in an environmentally sustainable manner, we are committed to reducing our carbon emissions by 5 per cent each year. And we want to help you with your green initiatives, as well.