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Something New Is Coming To Police Credit Union

20 December 2017

We have some exciting news… in early 2018, we will be launching Fast Payments for our Members.

This payments revolution is all part of the New Payments Platform (NPP) and will provide a faster, simpler and smarter way for our Members to securely send and receive payments. Basically it will mean no more waiting hours or days for funds to arrive, you will be able to make payments anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and within minutes, even seconds!

The system will allow you to set up a PayID, which is a unique account identifier. Use an easy piece of information to remember, like your mobile phone or email address, not just account numbers or BSBs. This will mean you can send and receive payments with ease, convenience and confidence. And, once you have set yourself up with a PayID, people can transfer money to you the same simple way.

Fast Payments will be available in early 2018 as participating financial institutions start to roll out services to their customers. At launch, all Police Credit Union Members will be able to make and receive faster payments between accounts held at participating financial institutions.

We are proud to be bringing you this innovative #BetterAccess option and we will let you know as soon as Fast Payments is available.

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