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Term Deposit Rate Change April 2021

Members please note, effective 1 April 2021, the following rates will apply to new Term Deposits.

Fixed Term Deposits

TermMinimum InvestmentNew Rate
AnyUp to $4,999.990.05% P.A.
3 months$5,000.000.25% P.A.
6 months$5,000.000.35% P.A.
9 months$5,000.000.40% P.A.
12 months$5,000.000.40% P.A.
24 months$5,000.000.40% P.A.
36 months$5,000.000.40% P.A.
48 months$5,000.000.40% P.A.
3 months$50,000.000.25% P.A.
6 months$50,000.000.35% P.A.
9 months$50,000.000.40% P.A.
12 months$50,000.000.45% P.A.
24 months$50,000.000.45% P.A.
36 months$50,000.000.50% P.A.
48 months$50,000.000.50% P.A.

Please note, these rates are current at the date specified in this post only and therefore may no longer apply. View our current rates