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The Faces Behind Better Banking: Christian Greco

We want you to get to know our staff – the friendly people behind our motto of #BetterBanking. So, we are introducing the next staff member in our ‘Faces Behind Better Banking’ series….

Next up we have Christian Greco, the Member Service and Relationship Officer helping our Members down on the beautiful Limestone Coast. He is the first to admit that he loves to have a good chat with our Members, he’s also pretty good at having a laugh at himself and, it must be mentioned, he is also a City of Mount Gambier Councillor.  Impressive!

Read on to find out more about Christian….

Q: Describe your family
A: My wife Shay and I – we have been married for four years.

Q: What is your secret hidden talent?
A: I’ve got a strong ability to talk to anyone from all walks of life, anywhere and any time!

Q: How long have you been with Police Credit Union?
A: One and a half years.

Q: What are you currently binge watching?
A: Seinfeld, Seinfeld, Seinfeld!

Q: Where is the best place to get a coffee near the branch?
A: Bay Blue Espresso Bar.

Q: How do you have your coffee?
A: I don’t. I have a green tea!

Q: What’s your best memory at Police Credit Union?
A: My first Christmas work show. Karen makes a mean dessert.

Q: Hot tip for a lunch spot in your area?
A: Go and see Wendy at the Hideaway Cafe – great food and even better service.

Q: What do you consider to be the best product / service offered by Police Credit Union?
A: Our great rate personal loans because you can pay them off at anytime with no penalties and applying is easy.

Q: Do you have any hobbies?
A: Golf, footy, baseball, fishing, hunting and cooking.

Q: What meal are you famous for? 
A: BBQ chicken calzone.

Q: Describe your role with Police Credit Union? 
A: I build relationships with our Members and help them achieve their financial goals.

Q. Your favourite quote?
A. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

Q. Name three people you would invite to a dinner party?
A. My Nanna, Grandpa and nephew, Cruz.

Q: Tell us your story… how did you end up at Police Credit Union and where did you start?
A: Working in different sales and management roles lead me to find an interest, and eventually my career, in finance. I actually used to be the Advertising Sales Supervisor at the local Mount Gambier newspaper, The Border Watch. Since moving to Police Credit Union, I have taken up studying a Diploma of Leadership and Management through a scholarship from Police Credit Union.

Q: Give us your best joke…
A: I don’t have a best joke, I’m always funny. The girls in the branch have said that’s my joke…

Q: Some interesting facts about your colleagues?
A: Crystal is a Reiki Master, Karen did calisthenics with my mum many years ago, Mary is a level 37 Pokémon champion and Jade is on the board of a charity called Cows for Kids.

Q: The best piece of advice you have received?
A: A dollar saved is easier than a dollar earned. My wife does say that I’m just being cheap when I say this though…

Q: What is on your playlist?
A: Montaigne, Ezra Furman, Milky Chance, Hayden James, Lime Cordial and Triple J.

Q: Your most positive Member experience?
A: I used to have longer hair and Members and staff liked to have a joke with me about it. One day, one of our regular Members thought it would be funny to come into the branch wearing a wig to give me a hard time. See photo below!

Q: Any parting comments?…
A: Police Credit Union is a great organisation to work for and an even better business to be a part of as a Member. All of the staff believe in the mantra of ‘putting people before numbers’.

Now that you know Christian a bit better, maybe you can get in touch to chat with him about how he can help you with your financial goals. You might even be able to chat music, Seinfeld and sport!