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MyLimit Visa Prepaid

When it’s better to set your limit

We can all go to extremes with credit cards. Here’s a better idea. Set your limit before your spending gets out of control.

MY Limit_Visa_prepaid_cardWith a MyLimit Visa Prepaid card you can load, reload and spend to your limit, while enjoying the benefits of a credit card – without paying interest. Better still, you have Visa payWave convenience – simply wave and go.

MyLimit helps you stay in control

  • Make purchases over the phone, online and instore – anywhere that Visa is accepted, including ATMs
  • There’s no purchase fee and no ongoing monthly fees
  • You can reload anytime for free
  • You manage and access your own money
  • Easy to load, reload and manage a budget
  • Better than a store gift card, can be used anywhere that accepts Visa
  • Security and protection by Visa and Guardian Fraud Protection Services

Getting your MyLimit Visa Prepaid card is better than easy!

Visit a branch and have a MyLimit Visa Prepaid card issued over the counter straight away.
Or you can contact us during business hours on 1300 131 844.

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