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Visa Debit Card

A debit savings account, only better

It’s got Visa ‘credit’ benefits built in. Putting you back in control of your money - online, over the phone and overseas.

Visa_debit_cardBetter access. Better control.

With your new Visa Debit Card, you can stay in control of what you spend, using only your money. Your Visa Debit Card allows you to:

  • Access your money 24/7, anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Buy items & pay bills, online or by phone
  • Withdraw cash & check balances at any ATM in Australia. Try one of our 3,600 rediATMs!
  • Buy items using eftpos
  • Use [email protected] for deposits & withdrawals
  • Withdraw cash & buy items overseas (a cash advance fee applies)
  • Even better… no account keeping fees. Whatever your balance!

What is a CVC or Card Verification Code?

Transactions online or over the phone may need your Card Verification Code. This is the last 3 digits on the back of your card, usually where you’ve signed your card. CVCs are another layer of unique information identifying you as the valid credit card holder… protecting you from credit card fraud.

Your Visa Debit Card is a better option, overseas.

Yes. Your Visa Debit gives access to your own funds 24/7, from 30 million locations in 150 countries. Better still, your Police Credit Union Visa Debit Card is safer than carrying cash or travellers’ cheques.

Travel Tip! Learn your PIN before you leave, as some merchants don’t accept signatures.

Better let us know your travel plans!

Police Credit Union’s Guardian Fraud Protection adds increased security precautions to your overseas transactions. Tell us when and where you’re travelling and how to contact you. Only then, can we protect your account and minimise any inconvenience for you during your holiday.

Is Visa Debit safe?

Yes. Visa Debit is safe and secure, online and in store. Your Visa Debit Card has a smart microchip that securely stores your account details – your account name, number and expiry date. Better than magnetic stripes, the smart chip’s virtually impossible to copy. You can rest assured, with an unrivalled level of protection against counterfeiting, card skimming and other fraudulent use.

Verified by Visa – better protection, still.

Each time you buy online with selected merchants, Verified by Visa takes your Visa Debit Card’s security one step better, scanning to assess the risk level of your transactions.

When is it better to press ‘Credit’?

Pressing ‘Credit’ for regular purchases give you added security. What’s more, the transaction always comes straight from your own account and your money. Better still, it saves you eftpos transaction fees.

Visa Debit benefits get even better…

You also get Visa Entertainment, exclusively for Visa Debit Card holders, providing the very best entertainment experiences. You can discover it now, if you visit the Visa site. Plus, you have Visa payWave with the new level of  ‘simply wave and go’ convenience.

To find out more about Visa Debit or ask any other question speak to our friendly staff:

During business hours: 1300 131 844
You can email us at [email protected].
Or, you can always drop in to your local branch and one of our friendly staff can help you.

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