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Better protection for your transactions

Security online doesn't get much better with...

Guardian Fraud Protection ServiceGuardian_web is a comprehensive suite of services provided by Police Credit Union to keep your transactions safe and secure. Guardian ensures better cover across online and mobile banking channels for your key accounts. And, better still, it’s all backed up with Guardian’s Money Back Guarantee.

SMS Alerts gives you better, securer and safer banking, online. Part of our Better Banking commitment, we offer Members the safest and most secure way to access their money online. A random password is sent via SMS to a pre-registered mobile phone, protecting your funds and, better still, adding another layer of online security.

VbV_2_colour_logoVerified By Visa (VBV) is a security feature of all Police Credit Union Visa cards, that requests additional security information before a transaction is approved. It’s another way we’re making your security even better. Remember that if you have any difficulties with a legitimate Visa transaction, call us on 1300 131 844 for assistance.

Travelling Overseas? At Police Credit Union we are committed to providing you with a safe banking environment all over the world, not just online …

In response to increased fraud risk at ATMs, we are taking action to prevent use of counterfeit cards by declining ATM withdrawals where only the magnetic strip on the back of the card is read. ATMs that only read the magnetic strip are common in several countries, such as Bali, Fiji and India, so this measure will also unavoidably affect genuine transactions.

This approach protects you from a known fraud risk and keeps funds available to you. Fraud on your account could leave you without funds at any time.

This added security measure will mean that:

  • Any withdrawal attempts at an ATM that can only read the magnetic strip will be declined
  • Your card will still work at an ATM with a chip reader
  • Your card will not be restricted
  • Online Banking and your Banking App will not be impacted by this increased security measure

You can also help protect your money whilst travelling by:

  • Covering your PIN whenever you need to enter this in
  • Being aware of your surroundings
  • Keeping your details up to date so we can contact you if any fraudulent activity has been detected

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and assure you that this is an important action in denying funding to organised crime and to better protect your money.  Decisions like this are not made lightly – we thank you for your patience.

If for any reason you suspect fraud on your account or notice an unexpected transaction, please contact us as soon as possible.

During business hours: 1300 131 844
After hours: 1300 131 844 and press 2
If you are overseas: 
+61 2 8299 9101
You can email us at [email protected]. Or, you can always drop in to your local branch and one of our friendly staff can help you.

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