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Protect yourself

Better security steps for you to take

Here are a few tips to help you protect yourself and keep your transactions safe and secure.

Guardian_webPin Protection
With signatures being phased out, there’s no better time to get your PIN locked in.

Password Protection
A secure password is the best defence, so here’s a smart checklist to help.

Visa Card Protection Transaction monitoring and response 24/7 is a must have and it’s right here.

Protecting your computer
Your PC is like your virtual front door. Here’s how to shut and lock it.

Mobile Device Security
Locking your device’s screen is just one security-smart step.

Travelling Overseas
A few smart steps creates a world of better protection for your Visa card.

Phone scammers are getting cleverer. Here’s how to be ready to outsmart them.

To find out even more about how you can protect yourself, check out our tips here.