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A world of better protection, while you're overseas

Even while you're overseas, your transactions are monitored by our Guardian Fraud Protection Service. 

So, at any time, where ever you may be, we can take steps to protect you against fraud, including:

Blocking high-risk Visa transactions.

Restricting your card against suspicious activity.

Holding internet banking transfers, pending confirmation.

Overseas transactions may look suspicious if we don’t know where you are. That’s why it’s vital to let us know when you’re going overseas… and get your contact details up to date, so we can contact you.

And while advising us of your travel plans you might also need:

Handy hint

Take several cards with access to funds, overseas. That way, if your card is lost, stolen or damaged you won’t be stranded without money.

If you are about to travel, please contact us:

During business hours: 1300 131 844
If you are already overseas: +61 2 8299 9101
You can email us at [email protected].

Or, you can always drop in to your local branch and one of our friendly staff can help you.

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