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PIN Protection

Better, safer PINs

If someone has your card and knows your PIN, then they have access to your money.

There’s no better time than right now to lock in some strategies to strengthen your PIN’s protection.

Cover your hand when entering your PIN, even when no-one’s near.

Check who’s watching you enter your PIN.

Memorise your PIN! Writing it down may make you liable for fraudulent transactions.

Never use a date, or part of a date, as your PIN.

Never disclose your PIN to anyone – there is NEVER a valid reason.

Changing your PIN from time to time helps protect against fraud.

You can change your PIN at any rediATM or Police Credit Union branch.

Handy hint

Many (but not all) ATM and EFTPOS keypads have letters as well as numbers. If you find PINs difficult to remember, consider choosing a PIN that spells a word (eg. CASH = 2274).

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