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Handy Tips to Help with Your EOFY Shopping

Mid-Year is getting closer, Winter is here, and you know what that means, End of Financial Year sales are quickly approaching! Are you ready to snag a bargain… or 10?

Here are some handy tips about your cards and accounts to be aware of while out hunting through the sales:

  • When paying with your card, if you tap your card and get a ‘declined’ message on the terminal screen, try entering your PIN. If this doesn’t work, insert your card, select ‘CREDIT’ and then try your PIN again.
  • Don’t get caught out with insufficient funds in your account! Make sure you have enough money by checking your available funds via our Banking App and transfer more funds if required.

It’s also important to keep in mind the below card limits:

  • Up to $100 per contactless payment, up to a total of $400 in contactless payment transactions per day, with a maximum limit of 10 contactless payments per day (if the total is within the aforementioned limits).
  • $1000 per day for cash out via Savings.

If you want to spend beyond the above contactless payment limits, simply insert your card and press ‘credit’ or ‘visa debit’ and you can spend up to the available balance in your account (subject to any retailer limits).

If you’d like more information about our access products, view the Access Products Information Statement. 

Happy Shopping!