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Access your money

Access your money securely anytime, anywhere with our range of options.

Online Banking

Get easy and secure access to your money 24/7

Getting started is easy

Register for Online Banking and access your accounts whenever you want. To register simply call us on 1300 131 844.

With a few simple clicks, you can:

  • Check your accounts
  • Transfer money to businesses or friends
  • Pay bills online using BPAY®

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Banking App

Got a smart phone?

Download the Police Credit Union Banking App. It’s reliable, secure and convenient.

With our Banking App you can:

  • Log in anytime using your PIN, pattern, Member ID, Touch or Face ID^
  • Bank on-the-go and locate branches
  • Check your transaction history and account balances – set up a Quick Balance to see funds even when you’re logged out
  • Pay anyone, anytime, anywhere. Transfer funds in a flash using Fast Payments via Osko®* and pay your bills with BPAY®
  • Manage your cards at your fingertips – activate new cards for immediate use, temporarily lock or report stolen or lost cards, and order replacement Visa debit or credit cards. You can even change your card PIN
  • Access product information including current rates
  • Set your savings goal and track your progress in one click
  • Send and receive Secure Messages
  • Receive Alert notifications
  • Add your card to your Apple Wallet and enjoy the convenience of Apple Pay – Apple users only

Payments and transfers

Here are more payment and transfer options:

  • Making Payments and transfers – follow these easy steps
  • Contactless Payments – Visa’s tap to pay technology allows you to pay with the wave of your card or device
  • BPAY® – An easy and secure way to pay your bills using Online Banking or our Banking App
  • Visa Checkout – Create a free Visa Checkout account and make online payments even easier
  • IVY Phone Banking – Use our automated phone system to access your account. Call 1300 247 489
  • International Money Transfers through Convera – The smart alternative for receiving and sending overseas payments
  • SWIFT International Transfer – A SWIFT code is used to identify particular banks worldwide. You will need to give our SWIFT code to anyone sending money to you from overseas. Our code is CUSCAU2SXXX.

Find out how you can activate your cards before use.

Daily transaction limits

Avoid getting caught out by transaction limits, get familiar with the limits below.

Daily electronic transaction limits

The below daily electronic transfer limits apply*

DescriptionInternal Transfer
(to another Police Credit Union account)
External Transfer
(to another financial institution)
International TransferBPAY®OSKO® (Fast Payments)
Members over the age of 18$20,000$5,000$2,000$10,000$2,000
Members aged between 14 and 18$1,000$1,000Not available$1,000$1,000
*Up to the balance of available funds.

Any temporary changes to limits will need to be requested, please call a branch or our Contact Centre during business hours on 1300 131 844.

Daily card based transaction limits

The below daily card based transaction limits apply*

DescriptionDaily Limit
Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit$1,005
Daily Purchase Limit
(eftpos with ‘Savings’ selected)
Daily Total Limit
(combination of eftpos and cash withdrawals)
Daily Visa Authorisation Limit
(excludes online and phone transactions)
Available balance
Daily Contactless Payment Count Limit
(total number of daily transactions)
10 – unless you have already spent your daily contactless payments $ value limit below.
Daily Contactless Payment Limit
(daily total $ value)
$400 – unless you have already used your 10 daily contactless payments as above.
Per Contactless Payment Transaction Limit$100
Minimum ATM Withdrawal$20
Maximum ATM Withdrawal$1,000
*Up to the balance of available funds, subject to any retailer limits. If you want to spend beyond the above contactless payment limits, simply insert your card and press ‘Credit’ or ‘Visa Debit’ and enter your PIN.

Digital Wallet

With a choice of mobile payment apps, pay with your smartphone wherever contactless payments are accepted.

Person using smartphone to pay at shop, using one of a choice of mobile payment apps

Paying with your phone is safe, easy to set up and works with the devices you use every day. Choose the solution that works for your phone and add your credit or debit card.

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Fast Payments

What is Fast Payments?

Fast Payments allows you to be paid or make payments in near-real time. You may notice some people referring to the same platform as the New Payments Platform (NPP) or simply as PayID, but we call it Fast Payments.

How does it work?

You can get paid or make payments in near real-time using a PayID or a BSB and account number.

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Find your closest ATM

There are 2,100 ATMs located across Australia with atmx by Armaguard.

Find your nearest ATM.

Online Statements

Make the switch to the security and convenience of Online Statements today.

Experience the benefits:

  • Increase your privacy and security by reducing the chance of being a victim of identity theft – statements will not be placed in your letterbox where they could potentially be stolen
  • Find what you need easily – you will be able to view, save or print your statements whenever you need. You can even access 13 months of your statement history
  • Get a convenient notification sent to your email when a new statement is available
  • Help us help the environment – no printing means less paper wasted
  • Access your statements at any time by logging into Online Banking
  • Avoid the $2 fee for paper statements that was introduced to partially recover the cost of printing and postage

Online Statements also have the same legal status as a paper version.

Learn how to register and view Online Statements.

View Only Access

Don’t forget, you can set up View Only Access for Online Banking and our Banking App. It’s a simpler option that allows you to view your account balance as much as you like, without the function of online payments and transfers.

Call us on 1300 131 844 and we can set up this function for you. 

Get in touch

To find out more, speak to our friendly staff:

Call 1300 131 844 during business hours
Email us at [email protected]
Visit a branch

Mail: PO Box 6074 Halifax Street PO, Adelaide SA 5000

If any of your CDR data is incorrect, please contact us. You can also send a Secure Message via the Inbox in Online Banking or the Banking App. We will not charge any fee for requests to correct customer CDR data.

If you have a complaint or an issue, please read about our complaints process here.