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Term Deposit

A smart choice to help you grow your investment.

Why a term deposit?

Put your money in a secure place for an agreed term and watch it grow.

Your money will be better off with Police Credit Union:

  • Some term deposits require a minimum investment of only $5,000 to get started
  • The security of a fixed rate for a fixed term with deposits up to $250,000 Government Guaranteed!
  • A range of terms from 60 days to 4 years
  • A choice of interest payment options
  • A range of access options to check your term deposit balance
Government Deposit Guarantee

Current rates

Current Term Deposit Interest Rates
Term Interest rate for minimum investment of $5,000 Interest rate for minimum investment of $50,000 Interest paid

3 months

0.40% P.A.

0.45% P.A.

On maturity

6 months

0.50% P.A.

0.55% P.A.

On maturity

9 months

1.35% P.A.

1.40% P.A.

On maturity

12 months

1.50% P.A.

1.75% P.A.

On maturity

24 months

2.30% P.A.

2.40% P.A.


36 months

2.30% P.A.

2.40% P.A.


48 months

2.30% P.A.

2.40% P.A.


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Mail: PO Box 6074 Halifax Street PO, Adelaide SA 5000

If any of your CDR data is incorrect, please contact us. You can also send a Secure Message via the Inbox in Online Banking or the Banking App. We will not charge any fee for requests to correct customer CDR data.

If you have a complaint or an issue, please read about our complaints process here.