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Better Products

Our Better Banking products will give you what you’ve been looking for. Whether it’s a loan rate, savings account, credit card, overdraft or insurance advice – we’ve got you covered. We also have all the financial planning advice you could want to give you a better future.

And, because we listen to our Members, our products keep getting better and better.

Better Access

Our range of better access products and services give you control of your accounts whether you’re online at your desk, on your mobile, travelling overseas or in a branch.

Learn more about having every option at your fingertips. You’ll be better off!

Better Security

With our Guardian Fraud Protection Service and our fraud experts, Police Credit Union is committed to providing you with a secure banking environment and to denying funding to organised crime.

Security and Protection? Who better than Police Credit Union.

Better Banking Tips

We are all looking for ‘better’.

Especially when it comes to reaching your financial goals so you can get the things that you want while you can still enjoy them. This is where Police Credit Union can help.

So what do you want to do? We have put together a range of tips and advice to help you reach your ‘better’.

About Us

Since 1970, Police Credit Union has helped thousands of South Australians and Territorians achieve their financial goals and dreams with our range of better products and services.

Let’s get to know each other, even better.


Providing financial support and volunteering for events for charity, sporting associations, Christmas pageants and partnership initiatives are just the start of what we do under our Plant the Seed initiative.

Plus, of course, we’re constantly sharing the latest insights, tips and innovation when it comes to economic, technological and financial trends.

We’re always better, together.

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Interest Rates for Savings & Investment Products
Interest Rates for Lending Products

Home Loan Key Fact Sheet

We understand, buying a home is one of the most exciting and important decisions that you will make, and deciding which home loan is right for you can be a little daunting. A Home Loan Key Fact Sheet is a simple way for you to be able to compare home loans from different financial institutions.
The fact sheet will cover important information, for example the total amount to be paid back over the life of the loan, and what the expected repayment is for every dollar borrowed. You can produce your own Home Loan Key Fact Sheet right here. If you have any questions about the process, or would like further information you can visit your local branch or call 1300 131 844 and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help.

Fees and Charges

Financial Services Guide

Information Statements

Savings and Investment Accounts
  • Information Statement Redi Access Account – S1 (Includes the deposit facility attached to Line of Credit Accounts); Christmas Club Account – S2; Master Club Account – S3; Beans Savings Account – S4; Focus Saver Account – S5; Budget Account – S7; iSavings – S12; Mortgage Offset – S14; My Limit Prepaid Visa – S29; Better Offset Account – S37; Super MyWay – S65 ; Term Deposits
  • Information Statement Rural On Call Account – S76

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