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Developing a career with Police Credit Union – Meet Aleisha

To celebrate International Women’s Day for 2024, we sat down with one of our long-standing employees, Aleisha, Member Service Officer who helps resolve our Member queries in our Contact Centre.

Starting with Police Credit Union over seven years ago as a trainee in our Mount Barker branch, Aleisha has grown and developed within the company and moved into a Member Service Officer role in our Contact Centre. She now supports our Members with a wide array of queries whilst always delivering a customer experience that is second to none.

What made you pursue your current role?

In year 10, I successfully completed a Certificate III in Business and enjoyed the experience of being in a course with a diverse age group. In the last three years of high school, I worked three jobs in hospitality while focusing on my studies. During year 12, I also completed a Certificate II in Retail and a Certificate III in Fitness.

Unsure about my path post high school, I sought guidance from my school counsellor. She facilitated a meeting with a traineeship recruitment agency, where I discussed my goals and aspirations for the future. After graduation and some initial assessments, the agency offered me an opportunity to interview for a Certificate III in a Financial Services traineeship where I could work as a Teller at Police Credit Union’s Mount Barker branch.

The interview with Police Credit Union went exceptionally well. I received an offer later that week and started the position the following Monday. In my initial years at the Mount Barker branch, I served as the primary full-time Teller. I was responsible for completing transfers, cheque transactions, and cash transactions. I developed a keen interest in self-managed super funds, deceased estates, business memberships, and foreign exchange enquiries.

Desiring to join a larger team environment with more challenges, I transitioned to the role of Member Service Officer in the Contact Centre. I appreciate the diverse range of enquiries that come through. Coming from a branch background, I brought skills and a different outlook to the team. Now, I process most of our Contact Centre foreign exchange requests and telegraphic transfers. My passion for fraud and scams has grown. I am committed to expanding my knowledge and skills with Police Credit Union and am open to exploring different roles in the organisation in the future.

What is a career highlight or special memory you have from your time at Police Credit Union?

I’ve been a part of Police Credit Union for over 7 years. During this time, I’ve gained valuable knowledge and experienced personal growth. Working with a diverse group of individuals has been a wonderful opportunity and I’m grateful for the support I’ve received. I feel fortunate to collaborate with such an amazing group of people every day – they’ve become like family to me.

Building relationships with our Members is something I genuinely enjoy. One of the most rewarding aspects of my role has been the opportunity to save Members substantial amounts of money from scams. This provides me with a sense of accomplishment knowing I’ve safeguarded their hard-earned life savings. At the Staff Celebration Night in 2023, I was honoured to receive the External Customer Service Second to None award, a recognition that I deeply appreciate and take pride in.

What are some of your favourite things about working at Police Credit Union?

Being part of a small team within Police Credit Union creates a unique environment where everyone is familiar with each other by name and face. What makes this workplace one of my favourites are the incredible individuals I collaborate with and the fantastic Members we serve. Even the simple “good morning Aleisha” from Costa, our CEO, and Executive Managers adds to the personal sense of community.

The quality of our products and customer service gives me confidence in recommending Police Credit Union to family and friends for their banking needs. I enjoy visiting branches to assist with teller enquiries. Engaging with the community through events like Walk a Mile, Backpacks 4 SA Kids, and other charitable activities has also been a rewarding aspect.

Establishing rapport and trust is important for me, as it enables me to support our Members in achieving their goals and addressing their everyday banking needs. Knowing our Members so well that I can identify them just by their voice, is a testament to the strong connections we’ve built. I appreciate the dynamic nature of each day and the opportunity to continually learn new things. The support from my colleagues in sharing their expertise and teaching me aspects of their roles has been instrumental in expanding my knowledge base.

What are your tips for being part of a high performing team?

Actively exchanging feedback and ideas and subsequently implementing these suggestions is a practice not only within the team but also across the company. Every day provides valuable opportunities for learning and personal growth. Enjoyment in your work and fostering positive relationships with colleagues, supporting one another, and having each other’s backs really does make a strong team. Additionally, recognising other colleagues’ achievements and having events outside of work are great to build connection across departments.

What are your tips for young women who are wanting to pursue a role in the banking industry?

Why not give it a try? It will expose you to numerous avenues. Banking unlocks so many opportunities. If you enjoy interacting with people, are eager to learn, and have a passion for what you do, Police Credit Union is the ideal place for you. You’ll receive the necessary training, time and support to grasp the role. You don’t have to remember everything on your own. Leverage the information provided by Police Credit Union and the support from fellow staff and teams.

How do you balance a busy work life and home life?

To unwind during my commute, I enjoy listening to podcasts. I consciously make an effort to leave work on time, ensuring I recharge for the upcoming workday. Embracing moments outdoors, away from the computer, is something I cherish. Throughout the week, I engage in activities like pilates, walking my lovable labrador, hitting the gym, and dedicating time each night to reading a few pages of a book.

The flexibility of undertaking shift work, working from home, and occasionally completing overtime or working Saturday shifts is beneficial, especially as I’m saving for my future home. On weekends, I’m usually a social butterfly, spending quality time with family, friends, and furry companions. I’m always eager for a beach walk and an iced coffee on a nice sunny Sunday morning.

The theme for this International Women’s day is #InspireInclusion. Why do you believe it’s important for organisations like Police Credit Union to inspire the inclusion of women?

In the words of Beyoncé, “Who runs the world? GIRLS!” Police Credit Union has a higher number of female staff compared to males, and it’s remarkable to see numerous women in leadership roles. These women serve as genuine role models for me. Their diverse backgrounds and varied life experiences are truly inspiring. Witnessing their journeys motivates me to strive harder, grow and evolve into a better person daily.

Women, regardless of their roles, bring a multitude of perspectives, contributions and leadership decisions to the table, fostering improved decision-making, innovation and overall enhancement within Police Credit Union.