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Notice Calling for Nominations of candidates for Election as Directors

The 54th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Police Credit Union Ltd will be held at 11:00am on 15 November 2024.

In accordance with rule A5-3(1) of the Credit Union’s Constitution, the Board now calls for members to nominate candidates for election as Directors. Nominations must comply with the requirements of rule A5-3(3) of the Constitution and will close at 5:00pm on 26 July 2024. Nomination forms are available from the Chief Executive Officer on request. Enquiries may be made by calling 08 8208 5602.

There are two (2) positions to be filled. The current terms of office of Directors Peter John Alexander and Thomas Mark Scheffler end at the 2024 AGM. Director Thomas Mark Scheffler will be offering himself for re-election.

By Order of the Board
Mr Costa Anastasiou, Company Secretary
Police Credit Union Limited
Dated 5 July 2024