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Your Money Plan

Free personalised banking reviews

A conversation with us could help improve your day-to-day finances and achieve your financial goals.

We offer FREE and confidential Your Money Plan appointments at all our branches. These are one-on-one personalised sessions where we work with you to review your banking, expenses and budget. Understanding your current financial position will help you set new goals and create strategies to maximise your money now and into your future.  

Our staff will help you understand your finances today to make informed decisions for your tomorrow.

What to expect

We start by reviewing your current financial health, what you own, what you owe and what you spend.

Next, we work to understand and build on your current financial goals and ambitions – short and long term. Whether you’re looking to buy your first house or dream car, expanding your family, retiring or simply want to reduce your debt — whatever your dream might be, reviewing your current finances today, might mean you can enjoy these things sooner.

How to prepare for your appointment

To get the most out of Your Money Plan appointment, we recommend coming prepared with the following:

  • Details of your current assets such as home, car, investments, superannuation (e.g. council rates notice, annual superannuation statement, term deposit certificate)
  • Your current (take home) income (employment, investment, savings, rental) and
  • Your living expenses – you can use our quick and easy online living expenses form to help calculate your expenses

If you currently have your banking with another institution, please bring information detailing: 

  • Your current loan balance owing, minimum loan repayment figures (home, car, personal)
  • Any lines of credit you may have, the amount owing and credit limit
  • Your annual insurance premiums (home, car, personal)
  • Any credit card amounts owing, credit limits and repayment figures
  • Your current banking details (total savings and accounts figures)

Providing your living expenses

To assist you in working out your living expenses, we’ve created a quick and easy online form. Completing this form provides you and us with a better understanding of your current finances and budget, as well as helping us to identify any improvements and potential savings you can make. It takes just 10 minutes to complete and can be automatically sent to us in preparation for Your Money Plan appointment.

Alternatively, you can choose to print or save your Living Expenses form once complete and bring it along to Your Money Plan appointment.

It’s important to note that all information provided by you will be treated confidentially and only used for the purpose of our conversation to assist in presenting you with ways to assist you to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

What you take home  

Your Money Plan will include a Statement of Financial Position – providing you with a clear and comprehensive understanding of your current finances. From here, we can discuss ways to assist you in achieving your financial and lifestyle goals, as well as provide tips on how you can improve your finances.

We hope our conversation will provide you with the confidence to better manage your finances and achieve your goals for today and tomorrow.

Booking your appointment is easy!
Simply call us on 1300 131 844 to book an appointment at your preferred branch today.