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Celebrating Christmas Early With More Award Wins!

We are so excited to announce that, against a competitive field of 286 personal loan products offered by a total of 78 providers, we have emerged victorious in both the Green Personal Loan and Car Loan award categories!

The annual Mozo Experts Choice Awards are designed to highlight products in the marketplace that offer great value to Australian consumers, and we are proud to have won in several categories for the fourth year running.

Our CEO, Costa Anastasiou, said, “The Green Personal Loan Award category recognises personal loans that have been developed to reward eco-conscious Australians with the lowest rates and fees. Our Solar Eco Loan helps people to reduce their energy costs by taking advantage of a Variable Rate Personal Loan to purchase and install solar panels, home battery systems and solar water heaters.”

“With a growing number of people wanting easy access to renewable energy options to help lower their energy costs, we developed our Solar Eco Loan to deliver on that demand. Offering a low interest rate and a loan term of up to 7 years, people can reduce their overall environmental impact and enjoy lower energy costs without having to pay any ongoing fees – and if they want to pay off the loan early they can do so without any penalty,” he said.

“Similarly, our Fixed Rate Car Loan also puts the power back into the hands of people wanting to upgrade their vehicle. Buying a car is one of the biggest purchase decisions most of us ever make and is an investment that often provides a great deal of personal joy.”

“By offering a competitive interest rate, no application or ongoing fees and an ability to pay the loan off early, means that people are able to enjoy a more modern, reliable and safer car right now to suit their current lifestyle or needs.”

Mr Anastasiou said this year’s category wins by Police Credit Union as part of the Mozo Expert Choice Awards reinforce why a growing number of people are choosing to put their trust into a credit union as a viable alternative to the big banks.

“This independent validation by Mozo experts highlights the fact that even after 50 years of operation, we still offer industry-leading innovative products and services which anyone can access by becoming a Police Credit Union member,” he said.

“While banks continue to put their priority into delivering profits to shareholders, being member-based allows us to reinvest into better products and services, exemplary customer service, and the opportunity to give back by supporting a range of important community initiatives.”

“In addition to offering great service and knowledgeable staff, one of our major competitive points of difference when it comes to our car loan products is our ability to offer far lower rates compared to the bigger banks – especially given they have an average fixed car loan rate of above 8%p.a. compared to a low 5.69%p.a. Comparison Rate for Police Credit Union.”

Find out more about our Solar Eco Loan or our Fixed Rate Car Loan.