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Corporate cheques will not be available after 29 February 2024

Please note that there are important upcoming changes to our cheque services for Members, including the end of corporate cheque use after 29 February 2024. No corporate cheques will be issued after this date and all outstanding corporate cheques must be presented by 29 March 2024.

Our payment services partner will no longer support Police Credit Union in providing cheques. This major change affects several credit unions and other financial institutions, as cheque use has decreased significantly.

In addition to this change to corporate cheques, Member cheques will also be discontinued. This means our Members will NO longer be able to issue any cheques from a Police Credit Union cheque book from 29 March 2024. All Police Credit Union cheques must be presented before this date and there will be changes to how cheques can be deposited.

To find out more about how cheques will be impacted and available alternate access options, please read our announcement here.

Please contact us if you require assistance.

You can call 1300 131 844 and speak to our friendly Contact Centre team. They’re ready to answer any questions you may have about these changes. You can also visit your local branch.

Alternatives to using cheques

Although we will not be able to continue offering cheque services, our branch staff will happily offer FREE over the counter withdrawals, payment transfers and bill payments. They can also guide you to transfer funds and pay bills using Online Banking at policecu.com.au or via the Police Credit Union Banking App.

We understand this change may require some transition and assistance from our team, so we will continue to offer convenient transfer and payment options that you can access face to face or securely online, 24/7.