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Faces Behind Better Banking – Bronwyn

With an extensive background in the hospitality industry, Bronwyn made the decision to explore new skills and challenges by joining Police Credit Union and experiencing the financial services industry.

We’re so glad to have her on board.

Get to know Bronwyn a little more…

Can you tell us about your career history before joining Police Credit Union? Where else have you worked and in what roles?

My experience has been in hospitality. I have worked both front and back of house roles in pubs, clubs, restaurants, bistros, and 5-star hotels, from team player to team leader to management.  I have a passion for people, I strive to assist people and love making customers feel comfortable, included, and valued.

What made you apply for a role with Police Credit Union and choose a career change to the financial industry?  

When my last role in hospitality became redundant, I had an opportunity to think about what I wanted to do with working life. Initially I felt strongly about continuing in hospitality. But then I decided I didn’t want to be confined to just what I have done before, I was ready for  a challenge.  It was an exciting and nervous decision, to make the change, but ultimately, I’m glad I did.

Having not come from a background in the financial industry, how was the transition?

Very nerve wracking! It was like learning from scratch, finding out exactly what the industry does and how it is done. I see it as a jigsaw puzzle and learning how to put the pieces together. I am learning so much and thoroughly enjoying the journey. There are many aspects of the industry to process, however the encouragement and positive input from my team and team leader make me feel valued.

How did Police Credit Union support you with the transition?

There are great systems in place that assist with training. My team and team leaders have been wonderful at boosting my knowledge, confidence and growth. The training, support and encouragement comes from the whole team at Police Credit Union.

What skills have you learnt in previous roles that have assisted you in your new role with Police Credit Union?

I’ve found my communication, positivity and patience, mostly with myself, come in very handy. Also, my ability to enjoy the moment while always striving to give my best.

What would be your advice for others who may be looking for a career change in banking?

Do it! Take the plunge. Don’t allow the boundaries of your previous experiences stop you from learning, growing and welcoming challenges in your working life. No matter the work path you’ve been on, believe in yourself and your abilities. They are valued.

What new skills have you learnt since starting your role with Police Credit Union?

My computer skills have progressed as I have learned to use so many systems and tasks that I had no idea existed.

What is your favourite thing about working at Police Credit Union?

I love the people. The work culture is really encouraging, management provide many opportunities for employees not only to further their skills but also to support charities through volunteering our time and fundraising. There’s also a real focus on wellness with available wellness programs and treats which are a wonderful surprise.

How do you describe your role at Police Credit Union?

A: My role is a back of house support role for our retail products, Contact Centre and branches. My responsibilities include ordering and issuing cards for Members, processing deposited cheques, actioning card cancellation requests, and processing automatic payments.

Do you have any highlights from working in your role so far?

It’s been really great to be learning daily and discovering my brain is soaking up and retaining information!

What do you like to do with your spare time and on the weekends?

I love spending time with my friends and family, especially my grandies. I also enjoying going to live theatre and am a big fan of documentaries.

What are you watching on TV at the moment?

I enjoy British TV, so anything made, produced or acted by Brits I watch! Currently I am watching the reruns of ‘Line of Duty’.

Now you know Bronwyn, the friendly face supporting our retail products team with Member enquiries and an avid lover of British TV. We are passionate about helping people like Bronwyn get their foot in the door of the banking industry, expand their skills and achieve their career goals. If you know someone looking for an opportunity to grow their career, why not recommend that they view our current job listings on our SEEK page.