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Optus customers: consider these tips to protect your money

Following the recent Optus data breach, we are urging our Members to be vigilant and on high alert as the potential for identity compromise, lending and payment fraud may occur in high volumes.

Scamwatch is warning Optus customers to protect their accounts, watch out for scams and to take steps to secure their personal information.

A cyber-attack has resulted in the release of Optus customers’ personal information, including name, date of birth, phone number, email addresses. For some customers – identity document numbers such as driver’s licence or passport numbers could also be in the hands of criminals. It’s important to be aware that you be may be at risk of identity theft and take urgent action to prevent this.

Optus customers should take IMMEDIATE STEPS TO SECURE ALL THEIR ACCOUNTS, particularly their bank and financial accounts. You should also monitor for unusual activity on your accounts and watch out for contact by scammers.

Steps you can take to protect your personal information include:

  • Secure your devices and monitor for unusual activity.
  • Change your online account passwords.
  • Check your accounts for unusual activity such as items you haven’t purchased.
  • Place limits on your accounts or ask your bank how you can secure your money.
  • If you suspect fraud you can request a ban on your credit report.
  • Be alert to any emails, text messages or phone calls from people requesting personal or account information, including access to devices.
  • DO NOT respond to any requests until you ensure that a caller is from the organisation they claim to be from.
  • DO NOT respond to anyone claiming to be a representative from Police Credit Union. Contact us on 1300 131 844.
  • Consider identity protection

More information about how to protect yourself is available on the OAIC website.

Scammers may use your personal information to contact you by phone, text or email. NEVER click on links or provide personal or financial information to someone who contacts you out of the blue.

Learn how to protect yourself from scams by visiting Scamwatch.

If you’re concerned that your identity has been compromised or you’re a victim to a scam, please contact Police Credit Union immediately.

You can also report scams to Scamwatch and check the Australian Cyber Security Centre website for information about cyber security.

It is also important to note, our systems have not been compromised as a result of the Optus data breach. As always, Police Credit Union’s Guardian Fraud Protection Service is active 24/7. This is a comprehensive suite of services aimed at keeping your transactions safe and secure, including identifying high risk transactions.

If you have any queries about your account, please consider sending us a Secure Message via the inbox in Online Banking or the Banking App. We can safely respond to your query quickly during business hours. Our branches and Contact Centre are also available during business hours, please call 1300 131 844.

Read about how we provide security for your money.