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Police Credit Union Celebrates Five Award Wins in the 2022 RateCity Awards

For the second year in a row, Police Credit Union has received gold awards in the independent RateCity national awards for our superior and competitive Home Loan, Car Loan, and Personal Loan products.

This time around, we are thrilled to have received five awards in the 2022 Gold Awards, ranking our home loan and personal loan products in the top 10% of Australian lenders for each category.

With 6,800 products and variations analysed and compared based on rates, fees, features and flexibility from a variety of lenders, the categories we scored a gold award in are:

Police Credit Union CEO Costa Anastasiou said “We are thrilled to receive these awards in recognition of our highly competitive home, car, and personal loan products.

“As a customer-owned credit union, we are committed to providing our Members with market leading products to suit their needs,” Mr Anastasiou said.

“We understand purchasing a home and a car are some of the most important financial decisions our Members will all make in their lifetime, and we are proud to offer superior products that help them reach their goals.

“Our Solar Eco Loan continues to lead the market in green personal loans, helping our Members reduce their environmental footprint whilst also saving on energy costs at the same time. It’s a real honour to be one of only two organisations to be awarded in this category. To add to our planet friendly suite of products, we’ll soon be launching a Car Loan that offsets our customers’ vehicle emissions for the term of their loan. It’s another way that we can demonstrate our commitment to helping our customers reduce their own environmental impact, as well as providing them with a low-rate car loan.”

RateCity’s Gold Awards began in 2020 as a way to identify the best-in-market products and lenders for Australian consumers. RateCity compares over 13,000 financial products from more than 250 brands. The awards signal the consistent top performers in each category. Find out more about our award-winning loans:

Better Home Loan Special Offer

Low Rate Car Loan

Solar Eco Loan

For more information on the RateCity awards, visit their website.