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The Faces Behind Better Banking: Denise Brent

We want you to get to know our staff – the friendly people behind our motto of #BetterBanking. So, we are introducing the next staff member in our ‘Faces Behind Better Banking’ series…

Next up we have Denise Brent, Branch Manager at our Mount Barker branch. She genuinely loves helping members reach their financial goals and she does it all with a bright and contagious smile!

Read on to find out more about Denise….

Q: Describe your family
A: I have a husband and three grown up children, one still living at home.

Q: How long have you been with Police Credit Union?
A: Three years.

Q: How long have you worked in the area?
A: I have been at the Mount Barker branch for three months but prior to that, I worked at our Marion branch.

Q: Where is the best place to get a coffee near the branch?
A: I’ve got a couple of favourites! The Coffee Tin in Mount Barker Central Shopping Centre is great, and I also love Our Place.

Q: How do you have your coffee?
A: Black coffee, always! I don’t do dairy.

Q: What’s your best memory at Police Credit Union?
A: Participating in the Christmas Pageant and also doing Canoe for Kids to raise money for Police Link and the Women’s & Children’s Hospital Christmas Party.

Q: What do you recommend people experiencing in the area?
A: The Mount Barker Parkrun – there are always great people out there and it’s a lovely course.

Q: What do you consider to be the best product / service offered by Police Credit Union?
A: I love the personalised service that we offer in branch. We advertise and welcome our members to phone us direct at the branch and also to come in and see us. And when they do, we offer the best service!

Q: Do you have any hobbies?
A: Love my Parkrun, following Port Power and the football.

Q: What about pets?
A: Yes, we have a one year old golden lab called Sunny. He is my favourite child even though he is so naughty. Biggest chewer ever!

Q: What is your favourite quote? 
A: Be good to people. You will be remembered more for your kindness than any level of success you could possibly gain.

Q: What was your favourite subject at school? 
A: Economics and art.

Q. Name three people you would invite to a dinner party? Alive or dead.
A. David Bowie, King Tut (I have a fascination with Egypt and would love to go there one day) and Richard Branson.

Q. What meal are you famous for?
A. Home made quiche and tuna mornay. When my kids were young, it was pasta!

Q. Describe your role at Police Credit Union.
A. I manage our team at the Mount Barker branch, assisting members reach their financial goals.

Q: How do you feel about working at Police Credit Union?
A: It’s the best decision I have ever made. I love the people, the products, it’s such a great place to work!

Q: What is on your playlist?
A: Abba, Dire Straights, David Bowie, Queen… Lots of music from the 80s, some older stuff with a sprinkling of new music.

Q: Tell us about your experience within the finance industry.
A: I have been in finance since leaving high school. I have a Diploma in Mortgage Broking and am also about to embark on a Diploma in Leadership and Management. I have also recently become accredited in reverse mortgages.

Q: What has been one of your most rewarding member experiences?
A: I love helping members reach their goal of buying a home or a car, or even helping them save their money with our great interest rates!

Now that you know Denise a bit better, get in touch for a chat about the footy, some 80s music and, most importantly, about how she could help save you thousands with our great rates, help you with refinancing or assist you to reach your financial goals.