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The sweet perks of working in our Contact Centre

At Police Credit Union, we pride ourselves on delivering a customer experience that is second to none.

This would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of our Contact Centre who are responsible for dealing one-on-one with our Members.

We asked team leaders Cheryl, Emma, Daniel and Sam to share the top seven benefits of working in the Contact Centre. Here are their thoughts…

1.      Work/life balance and regular shifts

“Having that extra flexibility has meant I haven’t had to miss out on an important moment.”

Police Credit Union offers our full-time staff an extra six days of annual leave each year. This means staff get five weeks off, allowing for more time to spend with friends and family or for a special holiday. Each person in the Contact Centre team has regular hours with the ability to change shifts when necessary to ensure you don’t miss out on those important life moments, such as your kid’s Christmas concert or a sporting event. The team is also encouraged to take a day of paid volunteering leave each year, to give back to the community or environment.

 2.      Small team – you’re a person, not a number

“We’re such a tight unit that on your birthday, the CEO even comes past to wish you well on your special day.”

Working in a small team makes it easier to have an impact and receive recognition for the great things you achieve as an individual and as a team. It also makes it easier to make an impact and create change. Being a small team there is no micromanagement, and Member queries can be reviewed easily and quickly. There are no limits on average handling times, instead the team is encouraged to take the time needed to have a quality conversation with our Members, to best meet their needs

Police Credit Union regularly runs wellness sessions to make sure that your time at work is efficient, increase your own financial education, and equip you with the techniques to improve your own personal wellbeing so you leave work feeling like a person and not a number.   

 3.      Working with great people

 “The organisation is full of friendly and supportive people who share similar values and genuinely want to do what’s best for Police Credit Union Members.”

The organisation’s values mean that everyone works to give back to Members. Working in the Contact Centre allows you to develop a rapport and relationship with Members, it’s a highlight to make our Member’s day by personally calling to wish them a happy birthday.

4.      Socialising with great people

“A friendly but competitive game of BINGO or being able to win a prize, just adds a fun element to your job”.

The Social Club is a great way for people of different departments to get together during business hours and after hours. Food trucks and special food deliveries make sure that our team are well fed. There’s also plenty of prize draws and there’s even BINGO and pass the parcel which adds that extra sense of fun to the workday. The Contact Centre also holds its own social events.

5.      Permanent roles and a stable place to work

“Stability is important to me and the team.”

Member Service Officer and Insurance Consultant roles within our Contact Centre are permanent so you can enjoy job stability and certainty. While many organisations struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic, Police Credit Union did not close any branches or downsize its workforce. We are proud of the way we supported our staff during the pandemic, we genuinely care about our people and make gestures of appreciation for all that they do.

6.      Opportunities for career growth

“The Contact Centre provides you with an excellent foundation in the banking industry. If you are happy in your role helping members, you can stay in it for the long-term as every day can be quite different and you can really help Members solve their queries.”

Alternatively, there are opportunities to move into leadership, lending or specialist roles in the future. Police Credit Union is proud to promote from within as much as possible. Many of the organisation’s leaders have moved into different roles to gain their experience and leadership skills.

7.      Opportunities for hybrid working arrangements

“Knowing that hybrid work arrangements are possible is really reassuring”.

While this is not a necessity, Police Credit Union provides hybrid working arrangements where you can enjoy the benefits of working from home as well as the office. We are open to providing hybrid work from home arrangements once the initial training period is complete.

If you’re interested in a career in our Contact Centre, the great news is you don’t need to have banking industry experience to join the team, simply an eagerness to get your foot in the door and a passion for customer service. To find out more about current roles available in our Contact Centre, visit our SEEK or contact our People & Culture team at [email protected]