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MyLimit Visa Prepaid

Ideal for budgeting or for those wanting to transact online.

Features & Benefits

  • Keep your spending on track

    Unlike a credit card, you are transacting with your own funds. Perfect for budgeting or transacting online

  • Fee-free Visa purchases

    Load your card into your Digital Wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay)

  • Reload your card at anytime for free using Online Banking or our Banking App

  • Easy to manage and access your money

  • The security and benefits of a credit card without paying interest

  • Protected by Visa and Guardian Fraud Protection Services

Rates and fees

Terms & conditions and information statements

Get in touch

To find out more about our MyLimit Visa Prepaid, speak to our friendly staff:

Call 1300 131 844 during business hours
Email us at [email protected]
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