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Police Credit Union is now proudly certified carbon neutral

We are thrilled to announce that we have officially achieved carbon neutrality through an independent assessment by Climate Active, further solidifying our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Our CEO, Costa Anastasiou, said the exciting milestone reflects Police Credit Union’s long-standing dedication to reducing its environmental footprint and supporting initiatives designed to improve organisational practices.

“Our responsibility of being environmentally friendly and sustainable, previously saw us become self-assessed carbon neutral in 2018, two years earlier than planned.”

“Building on that achievement by being formally recognised through government-backed carbon neutral certification is a testament to Police Credit Union’s comprehensive approach to environmental responsibility. It underscores our commitment to supporting a range of important initiatives that actively reduces carbon emissions within our own operations, and with the hope that we can inspire change within the broader community,” he said.

One of our most innovative contributions to a net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is offering car loans with carbon emissions offset.

“Our commitment goes well beyond just offering vehicle financing. Our Low Rate Car Loan results in the vehicle’s carbon emissions being offset over the term of the loan, at no extra cost to the customer. It’s that type of meaningful commitment which underscores our efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of customers and encourage more sustainable transportation options,” Mr Anastasiou said.

Police Credit Union has proudly been certified carbon neutral for its business operations.

Other environmental initiatives

Other notable initiatives include the implementation of:

  • Products – Solar Eco Loan: not only do we give Members the ability to opt to offset their vehicles’ carbon emissions but, as part of our commitment to a sustainable future, we also introduced our Solar Eco Loan. This loan allows Members to access financing for solar energy projects. These loans are designed to make the transition to clean, renewable energy more accessible and affordable. By enabling Members to invest in solar energy systems for their homes or businesses, we are supporting them to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to the broader adoption of renewable energy solutions. Our Members can also consider Online Redraw as a way to fund these purchases.
  • EcoCaddy Green Waste partnership: in 2023, in collaboration with EcoCaddy, we championed green waste recycling. The partnership with the Adelaide-based organisation helped to foster sustainability within the community and promote responsible waste management by collecting and recycling organic waste and diverting carbon emissions from the atmosphere. This waste management process has zero-emissions. Green waste was collected weekly from our Adelaide branch and Head Office location. We look forward to continuing a similar program in 2024.
  • Adopt A Road Initiative: we are also a proud participant in the “Adopt A Road” program run by KESAB, which is committed to maintaining a cleaner and more beautiful Adelaide. Staff members volunteer their time to clean up and maintain specific roads in the city, actively contributing to a cleaner environment. This initiative not only improves the aesthetics of Adelaide’s streets but also reinforces our commitment to environmental stewardship and community involvement.
  • Upgrades to Online Banking and the Banking App: improving our digital access channels is a strategic priority, not only to provide secure and convenient banking but as a way for our Members to move away from printed statements and cheques. Significant upgrades were made to both banking platforms in 2022 and 2023 with additional updates to occur in 2024.
  • Upgrades to signage: a recent rebranding project in 2022 was a key opportunity to update the external branch signage to LED lighting, a far more energy efficient power source. Where possible poster holders are being replaced with TV screens to further reduce our paper printing.

Achieving a certified carbon neutrality position for our business operations is just the first step for the organisation. Police Credit Union has strategically planned for future improvements including further upgrades to buildings, moving some fleet vehicles to electric or hybrid, and regularly encouraging our customers to reduce their own environmental impact with the planned introduction of new options such as Online ID and Online Product Applications, as well as making the switch to Online Statements.

Find out more about our environmental initiatives.