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Beans Savings Account

Designed to teach under 18s that saving their money can be rewarding.

  • Earn up to
    3.85 % P.A.

Features & Benefits

  • No monthly account keeping fees and no minimum balance

    No fees means more money in their piggy bank!

  • Earn bonus interest*

    With a base interest rate of 0.20%P.A. and a bonus interest rate of 3.65%P.A, you could earn up to 3.85%P.A.
    Just deposit a minimum of $10 and make no withdrawals within a calendar month*

  • Unlimited free withdrawals in branch

  • Free coin deposits when they are ready to empty their piggy bank!

  • Direct deposits can be made into the account, perfect for parents and grandparents

  • Interest is tiered, calculated daily and paid monthly

Rates and fees

Terms & conditions and information statements

Get in touch

To find out more, speak to our friendly staff:

Call 1300 131 844 during business hours
Email us at [email protected]
Visit a branch

Mail: PO Box 6074 Halifax Street PO, Adelaide SA 5000

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