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An online, at-call savings account designed to help you achieve your savings goals.

  • Earn up to
    0.45 % P.A.

Features & Benefits

  • Keep track of your savings with 24/7 access

    Use Online Banking, our Banking App and IVY Phone Banking to view your account balance, transactions and payroll credit details.

  • Designed to reward the disciplined saver

    The higher your account balance, the higher the interest rate.

  • Open an account using Online Banking or our Banking App

  • Fee free BPAY® transactions

  • Interest is tiered, calculated daily and paid monthly

  • No regular monthly deposits required to earn interest

Rates and fees

Terms & conditions and information statements

Insurance Certificate of Currency

Keep your Home or Car loan up to date, by sending us a copy of your current Insurance policy – a certificate of currency.

Each time you renew or change your insurance with your insurance provider, you’ll need to send us a copy of your new/current policy.

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