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SMS Alerts

What you need to know...quickly.

Police Credit Union’s Guardian Fraud Protection Service is now even better, tracking suspicious card use, automatically blocking transactions and minimising fraud. What’s more, it’s working 24/7.

If your card is restricted we’ll contact you the same day, during business hours and the next business day, if it happens outside business hours. You’ll get an automated SMS message sent to your mobile phone. This only happens in response to very suspicious activity.

Here’s a sample message:

Jane, a Visa transaction for $498 at 4am has activated a Guardian Fraud Protection Service rule and restricted a card on your account. We apologise for any inconvenience. Police Credit Union will contact you during the next business day.

Police Credit Union will never send you an SMS that includes hyperlinks.

If you receive a suspicious message, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. Call our Contact Centre on 1300 131 844, immediately.

Police Credit Union is committed to denying funding to organised crime.

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