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SMS One Time Password

What is SMS One Time Password?

One Time Password (OTP) is a randomly generated password sent via SMS text message to a pre-registered mobile number. It helps to protect your funds when transacting online.

Police Credit Union requires a One Time Password to perform external transfers online, including the following payment types:

  • All ‘one off’ external payments
  • First external payment to a future regular payee
  • First time you send a BPAY® payment to a new payee

How SMS One Time Password works

Each time you want to perform one of the above online payments you’ll need to enter your SMS OTP by first clicking get SMS and then entering the OTP sent to your nominated mobile number. Simply enter the OTP, select pay now and your transaction will be processed.

Register for SMS One Time Password

  1. Register for Internet banking. Not registered? Call 1300 131 844
  2. Supply your mobile number to receive your free SMS OTP
  3. Log in to Internet Banking
  4. Click My Preferences > Security Option > Request
  5. Select your mobile number from the drop down list. Mobile number not listed? Call 1300 131 844
  6. Confirm you agree with the Terms and Conditions
  7. Click Request > OK (to confirm your request) > Finish

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