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Set up personal Alerts

Want to know when your next repayment is due? Maybe you need to know when your term deposit is maturing? Alerts are there to help you manage payments to be received or made and notify you of changes to your account balance and more. Find this out in advance by setting an Alert and receiving an alert notification.

Setting up Alerts is easy

Setting up your Alerts is easy. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Online Banking
  2. Set your Alert via Settings, select Alerts
  3. Once set, you will receive the advance alert notification straight to your Online Banking or Banking App Inbox. You can also opt to have your alert notification sent as an SMS or via email.

You can set up Alerts to let you know when:

  • Your credit card repayments are due
  • Your home or personal loan repayments are due
  • Your savings or investment account balance falls above or below your nominated range
  • Your loan or overdraft account balance is above or below your nominated range
  • A credit or deposit is made to your account over your nominated amount
  • A debit or withdrawal is made against your account over your nominated amount
  • Your term deposit is maturing or your interest payment is about to occur.

Tip: you’ll need to make sure you have ‘push notifications’ or ‘app notifications’ turned on to receive alert notifications from your Banking App on your mobile or tablet.

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