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Visa Debit Card

Get the benefits of a credit card while staying in control of your money. Link your Visa Debit Card to a range of our savings accounts to access your own money.

Features & Benefits

  • Transact with your own funds

    Unlike a credit card, you are transacting with your own funds

  • No account keeping fees

    There are no monthly, annual or account keeping fees

  • Access your money 24/7, anywhere Visa is accepted

  • Make purchases or withdraw cash with eftpos and Visa contactless payments

  • Buy items or pay bills online or over the phone

  • Load your card into your Digital Wallet

Extra benefits of a Visa Debit Card

Link your Visa Debit Card to a range of our savings accounts to access your own money, and get the following benefits:

  • Withdraw cash and check balances at any ATM in Australia
  • Use Bank@Post for deposits & withdrawals
  • Use this card overseas to withdraw cash and make purchases (a cash advance fee applies)
  • Visa Entertainment, special offers exclusively for card holders on the Visa website.

How secure is my Visa Debit Card?

Your Visa Debit Card has a smart microchip that securely stores your account details – account name, number, and expiry date. Better than magnetic stripes, the smart chip is virtually impossible to copy, with an unrivalled level of protection against counterfeiting, card skimming and other fraudulent use.

Visa Secure

Each time you buy online with selected merchants, Visa Secure increases your Visa Debit Card’s security by scanning to assess the risk level of your transactions.

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