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Budgeting for better savings

How much money do you spend each week, month and quarter?

budgeting_249406810If the amount is scary, here’s a better approach. Set yourself a firm, but achievable budget. If you need help doing this, give us a call and we’ll help you get control of your money back.

Get your money working harder and savings looking better with these expert tips:

  • Identify your medium to long term personal goals and prioritise them.
  • Take a hard look at your bills to see how you have been spending your money and work out where you can cut down.
  • Identify debts that have the highest interest charge and pay these off as a priority.
  • Consider having part of your salary regularly deducted from your savings account and transferred to an investment account.
  • Create a realistic but firm budget to help determine your saving capacity.
  • Reward yourself when you reach budget milestones.

Why not take a look at our budget planner which can help you get your finances in order. A Bridges Financial Planner can help you assess your individual needs, explain suitable investments and develop appropriate strategies.

Like to find out more?

Contact a Bridges Financial Planner today!

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