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Changing your PIN

What is a PIN?

A PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a four-digit number used to authenticate card transactions.

Change your PIN using Online Banking

Online Banking

  1. Select ‘My Preferences’
  2. Then ‘PIN Change’
  3. Choose your card and enter your new PIN

For added security, you will also need to click ‘get an SMS One Time Password’.

Change your PIN using the Banking App

Banking App

  1. Click on the ‘Manage Cards’ icon
  2. Scroll to select the card that requires a change of PIN
  3. Enter your new PIN and select ‘Update’
  4. Then enter the One Time Password sent to your mobile phone

More information

To register for Online Banking or for more information on changing your PIN, simply call us on 1300 131 844 or visit us in branch. 

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