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Better Products

Our Better Banking products will give you what you’ve been looking for. Whether it’s a loan rate, savings account, credit card, overdraft or insurance advice – we’ve got you covered. We also have all the financial planning advice you could want to give you a better future.

And, because we listen to our Members, our products keep getting better and better.

Better Access

Our range of better access products and services give you control of your accounts whether you’re online at your desk, on your mobile, travelling overseas or in a branch.

Learn more about having every option at your fingertips. You’ll be better off!

Better Security

With our Guardian Fraud Protection Service and our fraud experts, Police Credit Union is committed to providing you with a secure banking environment and to denying funding to organised crime.

Security and Protection? Who better than Police Credit Union.

Better Banking Tips

We are all looking for ‘better’.

Especially when it comes to reaching your financial goals so you can get the things that you want while you can still enjoy them. This is where Police Credit Union can help.

So what do you want to do? We have put together a range of tips and advice to help you reach your ‘better’.

About Us

Since 1970, Police Credit Union has helped thousands of South Australians and Territorians achieve their financial goals and dreams with our range of better products and services.

Let’s get to know each other, even better.


Providing financial support and volunteering for events for charity, sporting associations, Christmas pageants and partnership initiatives are just the start of what we do under our Plant the Seed initiative.

Plus, of course, we’re constantly sharing the latest insights, tips and innovation when it comes to economic, technological and financial trends.

We’re always better, together.

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Fast Payments

Faster, simpler and smarter.

Something NEW has arrived at Police Credit Union... introducing Fast Payments.

What is Fast Payments?

Fast Payments is part of the New Payments Platform (NPP), which is an exciting initiative that will provide Australian consumers, businesses and government with a faster, simpler and smarter way to securely send and receive payments.

Fast Payments will be made available as participating financial institutions start to roll out services to their customers. From 13 February 2018, all Police Credit Union Members will be able to create and receive faster payments between accounts held at participating financial institutions.

Want to know how you can use Fast Payments? Find out more in our How To Guide.

With Fast Payments you can make near real-time payments with these key features:

Speed – Send and receive payments in near real-time – funds will reach your recipient’s account within minutes, even seconds. No more waiting hours or days for funds to arrive.

Osko by BPAY™ – facilitates Fast Payments made between accounts with participating financial institutions who have also joined this new payment platform. With Fast Payments, you will start to see Osko® when you transact with Online Banking and our Banking App.

Available 24/7 – Make payments on the go using our Banking App and Online Banking – 24/7. No more making payments within regular business hours or waiting until the next business day to receive your funds.

Add more detail – Send and receive more detailed descriptions for payments, with remittance information including up to 280 characters – so you will know exactly what the payment was for.

Simple Addressing – In addition to BSB and account number, you can receive payments by creating a unique PayID – an easy-to-remember identifier like a mobile phone number, email address or Australian Business Number ABN for a business linked to your account. And, once other people have set up their PayIDs, you can send money to them in the same simple way.

Near Real-time payments with Osko by BPAY

Osko by BPAY will be the new way to pay through Fast Payments. Any payments you make using Online Banking or our Police Credit Union Banking App, will automatically transfer in near real-time – as long as your recipient banks with a participating financial institution. You will be able to make and receive payments faster with funds available within minutes, even seconds. Whether you’re paying a tradesman, splitting a bill or giving money to a family member for something urgent – the money will be there in minutes – across different financial institutions, 24/7.

Register a PayID

Now that Fast Payments has launched, you can register a unique PayID via Online Banking and the Banking App. This PayID will allow you to use your mobile phone number or email address as an identifier to be paid as well as a BSB and account number. If you are paying someone who has their own unique PayID, you will be able to transfer money to them using the same easy identifiers such as a mobile phone number or email address.

To set up your PayID using an Australian Business Number (ABN) or an organisational name, please call 1300 131 844 or visit a branch.

Safe and secure with PayID

Your money is safe and secure with PayID. This system has been developed with security in mind and includes the following features:

  • Unique Verification Codes – unique codes are required to set up PayIDs.
  • Money cannot be taken from your account – your PayID can only be used by someone to pay you– it cannot be used to take money from your account. Fast Payments can only be authorised within Online Banking and the Banking App.
  • Added privacy – once created, you can share your PayID when someone needs to pay you, so you can keep your account details such as BSB and Account Number private.
  • Know who will be receiving your payment – when transferring money to a PayID, you will have extra peace-of-mind as the name of the person or business linked to the PayID will appear before finalising your payment.
  • 24/7 security monitoring and certified to the highest data security capabilities – this is in addition to the existing high security standards met by all financial institutions including Police Credit Union. We also offer Guardian Fraud Protection Service.

Fast Payments at Police Credit Union…pay and get paid faster!

Find out more about Fast Payments.

All you need to do is make sure that you have registered for Online Banking, and that your mobile number and email address with Police Credit Union are up-to-date. If you haven’t already registered for Online Banking, please call our Contact Centre on 1300 131 844 and we can set you up instantly.

To learn how to update your contact details yourself using Online Banking, click here. Keeping your contact details current will help us keep your money safe and also assists with your transition into the Fast Payments platform.

Want to download our Police Credit Union Banking App? Make sure you are registered for Online Banking and then head to your favourite app store and search for Police Credit Union.

If you have any questions or concerns about a Fast Payment you have made using Online Banking or our Banking App, please call our Contact Centre on 1300 131 844.