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Tips for building or renovating

1. Plan twice, renovate once.

Building a new home or renovating your own home can feel very overwhelming. Before embarking on the project, start by writing a brief with all the key ‘non-negotiable’ items. These are the things that are most important to creating a better way of life for you. Refer back to the brief during the project to ensure you remember your vision and don’t start second guessing yourself.

The more planned you are, the less likely it is that mistakes will happen… and let’s face it… mistakes cost money.

2. Keep a visual reminder.

The detailed choices are what can take up time and where you can easily blow a budget. Before you start making any decisions put together a mood board capturing the look and feel you want to create in a home.

Keep in mind what aspects are hard to change, for example, flooring and benchtops. If you lean toward timeless colours and textures your home is less likely to date.

3. Let in the light.

A light filled house creates a feeling of warmth and a sense of home. Look for ways to bring light into your home from windows to French doors. Skylights have also made huge developments lately so there is quite a variety of options available.

4. Partner with experts.

There are some areas of the home where the decision you make can completely change the look and feel of a space. Enlisting the help of Colour Consultants, Interior Designers or Interior Architects can provide some great guidance to achieve exactly what you were dreaming of when you started the project.

5. Know your numbers, set a budget and get pre-approval.

Put together a realistic budget of what you expect your project to cost. Once you have a clear picture in mind of what you want to spend and where, come and speak to us and we’ll find you a better loan to suit your project.

Get an understanding of what sort of financial support is available to you. If you are renovating, do you have any equity in your home you can access?

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