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Reduce Transaction Fees

Here are some simple ways to help reduce your everyday transaction fees and make payments even easier.

Make the most of unlimited fee free transactions

Use our unlimited fee free transaction options whenever possible. These include:

  • Online and Mobile Banking — to make purchases and pay bills (including BPAY® and Fast Payments using OSKO)
  • IVY phone banking — to complete your banking over the phone by simply calling 1300 247 489
  • Shopping online and making credit card Visa purchases on your debit or credit card — it’s a great way to avoid handling cash or cards.
And with a MyLimit Prepaid Visa Card:
  • PayWave using your card or mobile phone (payWave, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay) to make contactless Visa debit payments.

Find out more about our access options here.

Reduce fees when purchasing in person

If you need to make payments in person using a merchant terminal, you can reduce your transaction fees by following these steps:

  • When making a purchase or when using EFTPOS, insert your card rather than choosing to payWave and select ‘Credit’ to pay from your debit account.
  • Select SAVINGS and combine EFTPOS with cash-out of your own funds — and do two transactions on your Visa debit card at once.
And with a MyLimit Prepaid Visa card…
  • Go to your smartphone digital wallet settings, select ‘Visa’ as your preferred debit network. By selecting ‘Visa’, you will avoid transaction fees on your MyLimit Prepaid Visa card. Note: A $1 transaction fee applies if you select ‘EFTPOS’ as your preferred debit network.

Switch to a MyLimit Prepaid Visa card

Make unlimited FEE FREE contactless Visa debit payments (including payWave, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay). Easy to load, reload and manage your budget while enjoying the benefits of a credit card without the interest!

Find out more here.

Know which transactions carry a fee

  • Make sure you are aware of which transactions carry a fee (and how much that fee is) and monitor the number of times you complete these transactions
  • For more information on fees click here

Make the most of your Rebates

  • Familiarise yourself with your Monthly Rebate# amount and keep transaction fees within your monthly limit – most transaction fees will be rebated to you with your monthly rebates
  • Transact on the same membership connected to your loans, savings and investments, as rebates are not transferrable to joint owner memberships

For more information on fees call us on 1300 131 844.